Wamba the 13th

Friday August 9th, 2002 - Ellison Park, NY - Pavilion Lodge

What a great Day! The sunny skies and perfect temperatures, blended with cold beer and raunchy jams made this an instant "classic" Wamba! If you missed this one, you missed a good one! My buddy Russ LaTour tells me " Wamba is like a time machine, you never know what year your going to wind up in".

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  W13BAND3.JPG (136142 bytes)       W13BKOUT.JPG (110111 bytes)
   the 3 amigos Party on!!    classic jamming! Breakout takes the stage
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Visit Breakout's webpage too cool bro's! move over Jimmy Page! the first tap tradition
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                W13BAND1.JPG (118245 bytes)

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 "the bear"

happy happy joy joy the next generation

  atomic youth

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suzie, chuck, kath, sue, jan Loyal Supporters!       space jam!      "forest gimp"
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one down! Yo-Slobean these guys jammed! ray and bill
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  sandy and deb


slobeen and YoYo 

(aka Russ and Chris)

               nice mug rich!

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W13OUT1.JPG (168137 bytes)      W13OUT10.JPG (146906 bytes)
  chef Raymond! life's been good..   great time! john, dino, al, and ken
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more BEER!! say cheeze! now seriously carl! toms first wamba!
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              W13OUT6.JPG (140273 bytes)

W13OUY9.JPG (154945 bytes)
     i love wamba! boy howdy!    it goes like this..  true, true
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the "grey dog" JT and the JR cookin!! Devil Ray!
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BCP sing honey! Bonzo how ya doin?
jam4a.JPG (32828 bytes) jam1a.JPG (33240 bytes) jam5a.JPG (26405 bytes) jack1a.JPG (35464 bytes)
~funkadelik~ 1-2-3 rock! oh yeah! jack of all trades!
kids2]a.JPG (17900 bytes) kids1a.JPG (22308 bytes) bear2a.JPG (34398 bytes) jam2a.JPG (34790 bytes)
(&*#*(@!&! !@(&*!@* part2 hey joe! na-na-na-na-na
W13GIRL1.JPG (142300 bytes) outside5a.JPG (40804 bytes) frank1.JPG (55976 bytes) outside7a.JPG (50501 bytes)
slip her a mickey! ++snap++ frankie arrives!! WTFO!

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