WAMBA 2001: a music oddity

Friday August 24, 2001 - Ellison Park, Pavilion Lodge

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The first mug...

the Wamba Highway Jack getting ready George and Doug ponder..
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Chad filling up it was a nice day Breakout!! looking out Pavilion
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Chuck "Bonzo" and Friends.. Miss Wamba Jamba 2001 Chuck with Miss Wamba Danni and Howie
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Breakout Rocks da House Bryne Mowers Rich cordless Mikes are great!
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Greg Mowers Mike Reed Jack Miner Barry Christ
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Wamba Kicks Ass!! Learning to fly Nice!! Rocking in the USA
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Ed Morey Sue Lamb Its all good... Doug Gray "the Gray dog"
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Steve Kittleberger You get to have fun! ROCK IT!! Bill Soule "the Soule man"
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Sweet Anissa TMarkregd Acid Trip.. George "ZZ" Simmons
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Kathy Cronin Jack "JD" with Breakout Greg and Jack Gotcha Lori!!!
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Geoff and Mike The Party Boyz Mike Wadsworth Geoff Bright
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Miss Wamba and Bryne Miss Wamba and Barry John and Miss Wamba Jack Rocks!!
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So Cute!! Annisa, Chuck and Barry Tearing Down!! Dave and Lynn
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Barry and Friends.. Annisa and Bill Chuck "Bonzo"  

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