Wamba 2003

"Weapons of Mass Music Destruction"

Friday August 29th, 2003 - Ellison Park, NY - Hazelwood Grove Lodge

Another great Wamba!! Mike Kidulich brought some awesome home-brew ("Bonzo's Brown Ale" and "Misty Mountain Hops") they were great! I apologize for not getting any pictures of April Blair and her Jazz band who were incredible, nice job to all. We weathered some storms and Rocked the house down till the end!! Another great Wamba!! Thank you to all that attended and all who helped clean up!!

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Tapping of the Keg! Karen Tee-Hee Bryne arrives whatitmeans?
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Terry, Tom n Mike looks like the old "systems" days? I swear I didnt.. it was nice for a while, I swear
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rock on! John with Miss Wamba nice mugs! Chuck n Miss Wamba
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can you say "sandman"? Wamba's first Trumpet Solo! Jim Rocks! Jack is the master!
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BWI Soule man! Chef Ray "The Kit"
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got earplugs? Jammin Johnny! Kev and the Gals! Emily and Annisa
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Bye Bye Curtis Breakout Rocks! Bryne Jams Rockin in the Free World!
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Chuck Rock Bonzo Tribute Wamba's youngest drummer "Joslyn" WaMbA MaMbA

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