Wamba 8.8

(were possessed to bring you these pix)

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"Chef Raymond" "The Kit" "Rockin in the USA!"

"Bernie the Bacci Boy"

"Barry Cool"

"Jim "basket" Case?"

"I'm Crushing your Head"

"Wamba 8.8"

"Rickey Rose"

"Bob's Beer Face"

"Dana Rules!!"


"Back to the Future"


"Checking the stock ticker"

"What its all about"

"Andy and Russ w/ Mike"


"the Boys are back in town"

""I Roger that"

"Jammin part V"

"Adam meets Eve"

"Wamba's first Couple.."

"didn't we fire him?"

"No Problem'o"

"not windy enough for Kites"

"Will you be my designated driver?"

we had fun, we hope you did too!!! Wamba 9 would be fine...