Wamba 9.8

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"ATC Gang Bang!"

"Can you turn it up Bob?"

"Kotch Crotch Boogie"

"Wamba Mamba"

"Did you say Charge Number?"

"OK...so the home-brew is better..."

"I wish I could have seen who took my camera"


"Berry Good"

"was that live or memorex?"

"Can you play that in G?"

"Party Hardy!"

"Were Jammin for j'ew"

"Watch out for that Axe!"

"Can you say LOUD!!"

"Datz da' ticket"

"...say Greg can play, he may its OK"

"Boingo Bongo"

"Starting out on the Right Foot"

""Hells Bells!!"


Wamba 9.8 was the Real thing Baby...